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Pierre Hébert Par Pierre Hébert

Mercredi, 6 mai 2015

Marie-Claude Bibeau aims to quickly discover the area

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Nominated April 26 as candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Compton-Stanstead, Marie-Claude Bibeau admits her ignorance about the Haut-Saint-François region, but she intends to quickly correct the situation. "I already have an appointment with Ms. Robert (prefect of the MRC)," she said, speaking in French. Her aim is to return the riding to the team of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Bibeau is director general of the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. Loyal to her employer, she plans to fulfil her duties before plunging full-time into the election campaign next September. "I'm going to finish up the launch of the summer season and the opening of the Maison de l'eau." Outside her work hours, the candidate plans to start visiting the vast territory of Compton-Stanstead. "The first step is to meet the key actors who will sketch a portrait of the milieu for me," she said. "I'll participate in events. I'll be actively listening. The second step will be to search for solutions with partners. I am a person who works in partnerships."

Among the many dossiers that await her discovery in the Haut-Saint-François, as wife of the mayor of Sherbrooke, Bernard Sévigny, the candidate already knows one well: the airport. "The file is not limited to certification," she said. "Aid is also needed to develop the whole infrastructure."

Bibeau seems confident about her chances to win in the upcoming elections. Based on the number of members in the riding that rose from 90 to 900, and on the 479 persons who exercised their right to vote, she suggested that a new wind could blow over the riding. "There's a new generation with Mr. Trudeau that is taking its place," she said. As is usual in a nomination meeting, the number of votes obtained by each candidate was not revealed. Two other candidates for nomination were Maximilien Roy and Colin Standish. Regarding her election, the candidate said "it is an honour and a great responsibility that I am ready to assume. I have arrived at a time in my career and in my personal life when I can take my responsibilities."


Club de Golf de Sherbrooke
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Coupable d’avoir laissé son chien à la chaleur, dans son véhicule

Coupable d’avoir laissé son chien à la chaleur, dans son véhicule
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Statut : déconnecté
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SAQ: les employés en grève, les succursales fermées
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Retour du gars sympathique

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