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Pierre Hébert Par Pierre Hébert

Mercredi, 21 mai 2014

Cookshire-Eaton launches new website

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It was with evident pride that the mayor of Cookshire-Eaton, Noël Landry, launched the municipality's new bilingual website last week.

Surrounded by the various project participants, he seemed clearly satisfied with the results. He said the website was not created just to show off. "We designed it to meet our needs to communicate with people," he said, speaking in French.

The objectives, said Mayor Landry, are to give access to key information about services and activities offered by the municipality, publicise activities for citizens, and promote the territory and activities for visitors. Another aim is to position the town for future citizens, to present it in an active and developing manner, making it attractive to potential entrepreneurs and investors.

Claudia Beauregard of Beauregard Gestion Communication in Weedon created the website. She said that the new tool will facilitate communication with citizens and interaction in real time. It is possible to see all the activities at a glance, and in a few clicks, find whatever you are looking for, she said.

"What sets this website apart is that it is easy to consult to find information, and it is also one of the most beautiful in Quebec, with its clean design and magnificent photos that beautifully represent the landscape and architecture of the municipality," she said, speaking in French. The photos are the work of professional photographer Guillaume Poulin, resident of Cookshire-Eaton.

On the home page is a continuously circulating gallery of several photos, and six menus: Municipality, Services, Discover, Residents, Economic Activities, and Contact Us. These menus give access to various information, such as Municipal Council Members, Committees, Minutes, Contract Management, Municipal Services, Sports and Leisure, Schools, Public Safety, History of the Municipality, Attractions, Incentives for Entrepreneurs, and Sustainable Development. The menu Residents has a special character. It highlights municipal citizens who are notable for their work, for their community involvement, or in other ways. Individuals who want to propose their candidature to appear on this webpage may do so.

On the website are also complete lists of sports and leisure activities, emergency resources and attractions. The headings News and Agenda allow citizens to know what is happening in real time. And the site is to be regularly updated as needed. The creation of the website necessitated an investment of $21,000. Of this amount, $15,000 came from the Pacte rural, and $6,000 from the municipality.

Municipal councillors Roger Thibault of the Cookshire district and Yvan Tremblay of the Johnville district also participated in the website launch.

Karine Demarchi, director of development, communications and recreation, noted that the unveiling of the website was but one aspect of a global visibility strategy. The master plan for signage and space usage in the territory of Cookshire-Eaton includes putting up harmonized signs at the municipality's entry points and at its various sites of interest, as well as at buildings and municipal parks. The municipality wants to draw attention to the entrances to the municipality, orienting visitors, and identifying and promoting cultural, sports, tourist, or other points of interest. It's all part of a concept to create an identity befitting the image of a municipality, with eyecatching landscaping, added Demarchi.

The website is at

Sykes Sherbrooke ICT Canada Marketing
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