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Pierre Hébert Par Pierre Hébert

Mercredi, 7 mai 2014

Colin Standish of Cookshire-Eaton in the running

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Just out of university and age 27, Colin Standish of Cookshire-Eaton has plunged into active politics. The young man plans to stand for nomination in Compton-Stanstead under the banner of the Liberal Party of Canada, in anticipation of the next federal election.

His campaign has already started, and his website should be up as of this past Monday.

Standish said he is passionate about making a difference, and thinks that he can do so. Despite his youthful age, he is not lacking in political experience, and his CV already includes some interesting achievements. While he was studying history and politics at Queen's University, he worked for the president of the House of Commons, Peter Milliken. He was also president of the Liberal association at his university. More recently, he has just completed a Bachelor of Law degree at Laval University in Quebec City. While there, he was editor-in-chief of that university's student law journal.

Standish said he chose to attend Laval University in order to perfect his French, making him fluently bilingual. The candidate was recently involved in the provincial political scene when he responded to an article in the New York Times by Jean-François Lisée about the Charter of Values. He also wrote about the effect of the proposed Law 60 on a person's fundamental rights in His article was entitled "Twenty-four word title obscures real changes and scope of ‘Values' Charter."

He was also involved in opposing Bill 14 (revisions to Bill 101), the "Loi modifiant la Charte de la langue française, la Charte des droits et libertés de la personne" (law modifying the charter of the French language, the charter of human rights and freedoms). Speaking in French, Standish said, "Among other things, this law would have revoked the bilingual status of many municipalities across Quebec, removed the children of military families from their schools, placed heavy burdens on small and medium-sized businesses, and withdrawn the right of ethnic minorities to make appeals to international courts of justice. I had several articles or opinion pieces about it published in the National Post, the Montreal Gazette, the Record, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, and"

The young man was also interviewed on a number of radio and TV programs for CBC, CJAD, Radio-Canada, Sun News, Global TV and CTV. That included participating in Radio-Canada's popular show, Tout le monde en parle.


Standish said he intends to finish his bar exams at the Université de Sherbrooke before the next elections, and will spare no effort to win the Liberal nomination in Compton-Stanstead. He has already begun working on the ground, and said he has received the support of a majority of members, as well as that of the former Liberal deputy, David Price. "My family has been here for more than 225 years. I am the right person to speak for both the English-speaking and the French-speaking communities. We have a beautiful bilingual community that gets along well together, and I can represent it with pride and passion," he said.

The four major issues Standish intends to defend are bilingualism, human rights, communities, and renewal of federalism. He who is in electoral mode for nomination in the Compton-Stanstead riding invites people to consult his website,

Sykes Sherbrooke ICT Canada Marketing
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