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Jean-Claude Vézina Par Jean-Claude Vézina

Mercredi, 7 octobre 2015

Low participation in the Sawyerville Harvest Festival

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Chantal Bolduc, one of the main organizers of the Harvest Festival in Sawyerville, was not overly concerned about the low level of public participation. "We did a good job in preparing the event, and those who came out appreciated it a lot," she said. She warmly thanked the volunteers and visitors.

The presenters in the Community Centre as well as the Sawyerville Hotel, and those in Dr. Lowry's Community Garden, offered information of an exceptional quality to the participants. Marie-France Chartrand reviewed the progress of the Development Plan for the Agricultural Zone (PDZA) of the Haut-Saint-François. She gave heads up for upcoming activities. She announced that the map of the territory would be ready any day now. She noted that the low price of land, the possibility of gathering non-timber forest products, agricultural tourism and other tourist attractions constitute some of the key strengths in the region's potential.

Anny Schneider presented some of the principal medicinal plants in the home pharmacopeia. She is one of best known herbal therapists in Quebec. She led an excursion for herbal medicine enthusiasts and serious amateurs. After more than a decade of studying plants and their principles, she had a lot of knowledge to transmit to her audience, and did so with passion.
High-level speaker Gabriel Grenier told the story of the forest and all the possible interactions among its diverse ecosystems. Animal life and vegetable life exchange information that regulates the growth of vegetation within the context of its habitat. Having an understanding of these elements facilitates healthy management of forests.

In the garden, where the largest crowds were circulating, Brian Creelman, Alexandre Dagenais, Laurent Busque and many others shared their expertise with visitors. With the sun lending a hand, they gave extra time to discuss seeds, cultivars, and food processing. The construction of a bread oven, gardening implements, Shea butter for skin care, and a variety of other presentations were offered to enrich the Harvest Festival participants. Those who had kiosks installed in the Hotel had to put up patiently with long quiet periods. The visitors who did stop by received, despite everything, high quality information. An evening concert ended the event, graced by the presence of Carole Vincelette, a marvelous performer who knows how to seek out the soul of the composer within the text of a blues piece, all the while imbuing the music with her own feeling.

"A collective consciousness for a diversified and respectful development is gradually emerging," concluded the organizer, announcing the Seed Festival for next February.

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