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Jean-Claude Vézina Par Jean-Claude Vézina

Mercredi, 23 octobre 2013

Three mayoral candidates in Bury

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In Bury, it's a three-way race for the position of mayor. Florence Duval-Fréchette, Linda Harper McMahon and Walter Dougherty have all deposited their nomination forms, hoping to work to improve the well-being of the population and the sound management of the municipality.

Walter Dougherty
Walter Dougherty bases his quest for a new mandate on his record of the past few years as mayor. An increase in municipal tax enabled the municipality to equip itself with a fleet of vehicles destined to protect the citizens and to more easily manage municipal maintenance. He has made improvements to the golf course and to the children's recreational park, as well as installing a water park and building a shelter for the skating rink. He had to raise the taxes, but the increase was less than 2.5%.

Dougherty seeks a new mandate to continue working in the same direction. He would continue to invest in improving the municipality. He would like to equip the area behind the Caisse Desjardins with an aquaduct and a sewage system for waste water. He would promote group activities and support volunteers. Dear to his heart is Article 59, with the aim of enabling more young families to settle in Bury.

The candidate notes that graduating students exile themselves in western Canada. To counter this phenomenon, he would like to profit from the presence of Valoris and its new sorting centre. He wants to interest small businesses in establishing themselves in Bury. That would create interesting jobs to help retain new graduates, despite the difficult economic context.

Florence Duval-Fréchette
Strategic planning and meeting challenges in agreement with all the members of the municipal council constitute the foundations for the plans of Florence Duval-Fréchette, candidate for Mayor of Bury. The population wants the development of new housing in order to attract young families, she says, as well as good sidewalks to enable people to get around more safely. The maintenance of roads and ditches merits continual attention.

Duval-Fréchette wants to do everything in her power to bring Anglophones and Francophones together, so they can contribute to the development of the municipality. She would like to create a program to encourage young families to come settle in the region. She considers that the subdivision of agricultural land into smaller lots would constitute an interesting incentive for these new arrivals. The same would be true for seniors. She thinks that a residence would offer them the opportunity to live in their community for a long time.

The candidate wants to ensure that the development of Valoris will be carried out in a way that strictly respects the established plan. She hopes new projects will come to the site. Harmony within the municipal council remains her highest priority.

Linda Harper McMahon
Linda Harper McMahon has been a municipal councillor for seven years. She has participated in a variety of projects and shouldered numerous responsibilities on different committees, including the sports and culture dossier, homage to veterans, the water park, etc. She wants to keep a close eye on the evolution of Valoris in order to ensure that it progresses as it should.

Harper McMahon is preoccupied with the municipality's maintenance work. Sidewalks and roads in good condition, adequate equipment, the distribution of tasks and their evaluation would have an important place in her work as mayor. In this connection, she would like to improve relations between the employees and the council members. She would like everyone to pull together in order to improve the atmosphere, while focusing on pride in work well done. The bridge which leads to the Pope Memorial Elementary School needs to be repaired. The candidate would like to keep the school in Bury. She proposes to collaborate with the Eastern Townships School Board to renovate the school.

But the most important thing is to establish a good relationship with the municipal council members in order to create a climate that will be conducive to developing a team spirit and a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

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