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Mercredi, 27 mars 2013

Ghislain Bolduc Meets with English-speaking

Community Leaders

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By Rachel Garber

"The first session went by like a blur," Ghislain Bolduc said.

He was describing the speed of his first months in Québec City as the new Québec deputy for the Mégantic-Compton riding. He was speaking to 23 English-speaking community leaders at an informal information session at his Cookshire-Eaton office two weeks ago.

Then he described his activities during that session, a period of adjustment with the new minority Parti Québécois government. One theme that stood out was research: researching the various issues, figuring out the best solutions, and then working with the appropriate minister to implement them.

"You try to get the minister to make a commitment," he said, "and from that point work together with the issues."
Some of the issues he mentioned? A new CHSLD in East Angus. The dark sky reserve for the Mont-Mégantic observatory, and the lights in Chartierville that spoil it. And then, of course, which candidate to lead the provincial Liberal party.
He described his process of evaluating of the strengths of each candidate. His description showed a reasoned decision to support Philippe Couillard for his qualities and his stands on issues. For example, his relative youth. His commitment to democratic process within the party, starting by asking members what they think. And his willingness to tackle streamlining the huge and heavy provincial government apparatus.

"Government is here to serve the people," he said. "I think we lost that a little bit."

Here's where Bolduc's background in the engineering business became apparent. He described how he has begun reviewing the effectiveness of each government branch. What percentage of funding is used for administration? How many layers of government are needed to change a light bulb?

"I always told my engineers that gravity is much better than a pump," he said. "The simplest solution is always the best."
An example? "Environment has become a disaster," he said. "We have five layers of government involved in making decisions, and that costs a lot in time and taxes."

The following week's vote, of course, elected Couillard as Liberal leader. Bolduc had picked the winner and, it seems, has his ear.

Another commitment Bolduc described was to meet with all the 36 municipal councils in his riding. His aim is to understand their long-term and short-term priorities. Then he hopes to use this research to see the big picture, how best to support the overall development of the riding.

Smiles and nods of approval from his audience punctuated his short talk. "We've elected the right person to be our deputy," said one person. Others agreed.

Bolduc said he is available on Mondays and Fridays to meet with groups and individuals at his riding office.

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